Milen Slavov


Milen first played the piano accordion at 7 years old and was performing publicly at eight. By 16 he was composing and arranging music; by 24 - producing. Since then, he's developed a personal style that combines traditional Bulgarian/Balkan musical idioms with classical and jazz. Milen emigrated to the USA in 1997. In 2000, the US government granted him... Read more

Zhivka Papancheva

Bulgarian folk singer

Zhivka Papancheva is a beloved Bulgarian folk singer form the Strandzha region. She started singing from an early age, and graduated from the boarding music school “Filip Kutev” in Kotel. Papancheva was a teacher at the music school she graduated from. She has recorded more than... Read more


"Once a certain set of skills is acquired - art is the ability to honestly share, with no scruples, a personal struggle that can fit within universal perspectives."
Milen Slavov